Benefits Of Biofuels

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Benefits of Biofuels

Biofuels are derived from plant or animal material. In most cases, they are made from organic sources such as sunflower seeds, soybeans, wild grasses, sugar cane and corn. However, they differ from fossil fuels which are extracted beneath the earth. Biofuels not only help to conserve the environment, but have an array of advantages as well.

1. Renewable
Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels are renewable as they allow radical changes if you want to switch to wind or solar power. Additionally, they are cheaper because they come from organic sources like sunflower seeds and sugarcane. Today, many countries are spending vast resources to go green, for instance the use of ethanol.

2. Fewer emissions
Biofuels are friendly to the environment as they produce fewer emissions when burned, thereby reduce the release of toxins and greenhouse gases, as well as air pollution. Fossil fuels, on the other hand emit harmful emissions that pose health risks.

3. Biodegradation
Because biofuels are renewable, no much harm would be felt incase of an environmental or health hazard. In addition to that, they are less poisonous and can be cleaned quicker, reducing the expenses involved.

4. Cheaper
Digging for coal and oil found buried deep beneath the earth requires a lot of manpower and resources. From the risks of oils spills to possible calamities such as earthquakes, mining fossil fuels is not only dangerous but expensive as well. Biofuels, on the other hand are cheaper to make because organic sources are readily available.

5. Sustainability
Due to increasing demand of fossil fuels, biofuels provides a sustainable and renewable energy. This is because there are enough crops to accommodate high demand for a cheaper source of energy.

There is fear that more plants would be destroyed to meet the increasing demand of biofuels. Nonetheless, biofuel is still a viable alternative as opposed to fossil fuels.

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