Environmental Benefits Of GMOs

Environmental Benefits of GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are made from altering genetic materials so as to create new sets of genes. When talking about to plants, GMOs produced are more pest resistant and they require less manual labor for maintaining. There are lots of environmental benefits linked to genetically modified crops, with some being mentioned below.

1. Reduce pesticide use
A key environmental advantage of GMOs is that they are normally more pest-resistance as compared to traditional plants. This results in a considerable decline in the application or use of chemical pesticides. In fact, US farmers who use genetically modified plants have lessened pesticide use by about 40 million pounds yearly since 1995. Through reducing pesticide application, GMOs also benefit the environment through preventing soil or water contamination.

2. Reduce manual labor
Since genetically modified plants assist farmers in controlling weeds, they therefore lessen the resources and time invested in farming. The reduction in farming activities can cause a reduction in runoff, soil erosion and use of tractor fuel. In this particular scenario, GMOs benefit the environment through conserving both energy and soil.

3. Water conservation
GMOs allow the production of drought tolerant plants. When these plants are sowed by farmers, less water will normally be required for their upkeep. This translates to conservation of both soil water as well as other sources of water.

4. Less deforestation
Because of GMOs, there is less deforestation required for feeding the world’s growing population. These genetically modified plants normally offer higher yields, which can sustain large numbers of people. Moreover, less use of chemical products like herbicides and pesticides ensures the soil remains fertile. A fertile soil means more plants can be sowed in the same area, leading to less deforestation.
The only shortcoming of GMOs for the environment is that it may result in the development of more resistant weeds and pests.

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