Benefits Of Afghanistan War

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Afghanistan FlagBenefits of Afghanistan War

The death of Osama bin Laden and the continuous efforts to terminate the Afghanistan’s Taliban might radically reshape politics in South and Central Asia. Instead of expending vast resource to deal with terrorism, more focus should be placed on social issues that makepeople join the Taliban. Although Afghanistan war has many risks, so are its benefits. The outcome however depends on United States politically strategy, instead of its weaponry and control.

1. Terminate Jihad groups
The US has plenty of options to stabilize Afghanistan, but the military may not fulfill its objective due to the rise of the Jihad and Islamic fundamentalists undermining the progress made so far. By terminating Jihad groups, Pakistan would improve its ties with the adjacent states. If the US were to draw out from Afghanistan war, the country could become overwhelmed with turmoil.

2. Fosters democratic reforms
The Asian states may finally have the opportunity to eliminate all militant Islamic movements in Afghanistan to concentrate more on democratic and economic reforms. Equally they could move to greater repression and authoritarianism. This way, political instability will become a thing of the past once and for all.

3. New government
An alliance between the U.S and Afghanistan could help create political stability, which could bring peaceto the people. As mentioned earlier on, if the US were to withdraw their forces at this early stage, more terrorist organization would flood Afghanistan. Therefore, the US has the responsibility to come up with an effective strategyinstead of focusingtoo much on warfare and control.

4. Promote peace and stability
The Afghan war aims at promoting peace and stability by creating a powerful military strategy. Despite strong opposition from the Taliban, an alliance between the US and the Afghan government would help restore sanctity in the country.

While the war may help eliminate Islamic extremism, thousands of innocent lives will be lost in the process.

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