Benefits of hegemonic stability theory

HST or Hegemonic Stability Theory is a theory that deals with international relations. According to this theory Hegemonic Stability indicates that the relationship in our international systems is likely to remain more stable when hegemon or a single nation dominates the world power. Rooted in researches from the field of economics, political science and history … Read more

Benefits of border patrol

Border patrol are a group of officers those who patrol the border of a country. In United States of America, the USBP (United States Border Patrol) is an US federal law enforcement agency, which believes in its mission to detect and prevent illegal terrorists, aliens and terrorist weapons from entering the United States. It is … Read more

Benefits of gay marriage to society

Legalization of same-sex marriage or gay marriage has both benefited the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and US as a nation. As several major Supreme Court decisions about gay sex marriage across several nations loom on the horizon, nevertheless it’s an opportune time for all of us to refocus our attentions on the … Read more

Economic Benefits of NAFTA

Economic Benefits of NAFTA NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement is a treaty between the US, Canada, and Mexico and this treaty relates to their trading activities. ‘ This particular trade agreement is considered a very powerful treaty with wide application in the involved North American countries. ‘ In effect since 1994, NAFTA basically aimed … Read more

Benefits of Panama Canal

  Benefits of Panama Canal   The Panama Canal is generally regarded like an important engineering advancement as it spans about 50 miles or 80km long. The greatest user with regards to cargo tonnage is America, closely followed by Japan and China. In fact, this canal has offered the useful benefit of enhancing international trade … Read more

Benefits Of Cities

Benefits of Cities For most individuals, that fascination of residing in big cities is basically the vibrant kind of life that they offer. Cities are thus more beneficial in contrast to residing in the suburbs or the country. That is why they thrive with respect to accommodation and business. Here are the benefits of cities. … Read more

Benefits Of Afghanistan War

Benefits of Afghanistan War The death of Osama bin Laden and the continuous efforts to terminate the Afghanistan’s Taliban might radically reshape politics in South and Central Asia. Instead of expending vast resource to deal with terrorism, more focus should be placed on social issues that makepeople join the Taliban. Although Afghanistan war has many … Read more

Benefits Of SEZ in India

Benefits of SEZ in India SEZ stands for special economic zones. In India these SEZ are created and run by the government or private owners. They provide special economic laws which are market oriented to help with developing industrial growth in these particular areas. In other cases, organizations which are owned by the government usually … Read more

Benefits Of Australian Citizen

Benefits of Australian Citizen With a scenic landscape and a good economy, living in Australia is highly beneficial. Being an Australian citizen entitles you to get countless benefits. You can apply for employment in the public sector and also serve on a jury. Read on and discover more benefits associated with being an Australian citizen. … Read more

Benefits Of Australian PR

Benefits of Australian PR Australia is a great place for those seeking to settle down and begin a new chapter in life. The country is well-known for having scenic landscapes and pleasant climate. Nonetheless, before we embark on the formalities, let’s discuss briefly the perks of applying for Australian permanent residency. 1. Enjoy unlimited travel … Read more

Benefits Of Cuba

Benefits of Cuba Cuba is the perfect Caribbean destination known for its pleasant climate and friendly people. If you are considering going for vacation with your family, Cuba is a great tourist destination that has a lot to offer. When the political tension subsides, endless opportunities await you on the other side. Here are the … Read more

Benefits Of US Citizenship

Benefits of US Citizenship There are quite a number of benefits of having US citizenship. This is why most people in countries that allow for dual citizenship choose to have US citizenship. The following are benefits of having a US citizenship. 1. Voting rights US citizenship provides citizens the vital right of voting for officials … Read more

Benefits Of Irish Citizenship

Benefits of Irish Citizenship Irish citizenship or becoming a citizen of Ireland is a very valuable thing as it provides a great range of social and economic benefits. There are various methods of claiming Irish citizenship including citizenship by naturalization, descent, birth in Ireland and also through postnuptial citizenship. Irish citizenship offers the following advantages. … Read more