Benefit Of Awala Juice

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Benefit of Awala Juice

Indian gooseberry, popularly known as awala/amla fruit is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. It has an array of health benefits, from treating dysentery to improving skin function, as well as better memory just to mention but a few. Read on and find out why it is important to incorporate awala juice into your daily nutrition.

1. Good for diabetes
Studies show that drinking awala juice regularly may have therapeutic value on diabetic patients. Gooseberry or awala juice stimulates the cells that secrete insulin, thereby help to reduce high blood sugar levels in diabetics. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to consult your doctor when symptoms persist.

2. Anti-aging properties
Awala juice also has anti-aging effects due it its oxidative properties. For this reason, drinking awala juice regularly can help keep premature signs of aging at bay. In other words, taking awala juice is a natural way to eliminate unsightly facial features, like wrinkles and blackheads.

3. Treats skin disorders
Awala juice can be useful in treating a number of skin ailments. For a smooth and youthful skin, drink awala juice thrice a day with other spices. It has proven effective in preventing sagging of the skin as well as the onset of pimples and other undesirable facial features.

4. Healthy digestion
Due to its laxative properties, awala juice is beneficial in treating dysentery and diarrhea. Preliminary stages also show that regular consumption of awala juice can help control obesity.

5. Reduces high cholesterol levels
Awala juice reduces high cholesterol levels by stabilizing the production of nitrogen. Additionally, it has a positive impact on heart health as it prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease, as well as hypertension.
While no side effect has been reported after taking awala juice, it is always advisable to moderate your intake in order to avert potential health complications.

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