Benefits Of Sugar

Benefits of Sugar

Sugar has gotten a bad reputation over the years with many people attempting to remove it from their daily nutrition. Similar to any drink or food, sugar is unhealthy when consumed in excess. However, there are some benefits of consuming small amounts of sugar as shown in the following article.

1. Builds muscle tissue

During the creation of muscle in the body, a tissue consisting of glycogen is created, which is basically water and glucose. Provided the body gets a sufficient supply of sugar, the muscle tissue properly builds up. When you do not take adequate sugar, this muscle is broken down by the body in order to discharge the molecules of glucose present in glycogen.

2. Provides energy

Sugar is a major energy source for the body. Each time you consume a simple or complex carbohydrate, it is then broken down to molecules of fructose, glucose and other simple sugars that are used for providing the body sufficient energy. Steering away from sugar completely can deplete your body of energy and possibly leave you weak. Most athletes use dextrose tablets that offer an instant energy in sugar form.

3. Enhances taste

A popular use of sugar is where it is used to enhance the flavor of various types of products. It has a very sweet taste that is beneficial for making baked items taste much better. It also balances the acid content present in vinegar and other tomato-based items. Moreover, sugar is also used to preserve jams and fruits.

4. Benefits flowers

Sugar has numerous other benefits inside the house. When added to a flower vase, it could possibly extend the lifespan of flowers. Sprinkling, some sugar on freshly baked cakes assists in keeping them fresh for longer periods.

Even though the body requires sugar for living, excessive sugar consumption can damage most of the organs in the body.

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