Economic Benefits Of Euthanasia

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Economic Benefits of Euthanasia

Euthanasia simplify refers to mercy killing or taking away someone’s life to avert a painful death. This issue still remains hot topic of discussion and proponents argue that euthanasia indeed has an array of benefits. On the other hand, opponents feel that mercy killing is inhumane and ungodly. Listed below are the economic benefits of euthanasia.

1. Lessens hospital bills
Euthanasia, popularly known as mercy killing is the only sure way to free your family from big hospital bills. However, this should only be done with the patient’s consent. When done in time, the family may not have to spend all their savings on medical bills.

2. Cost containment
Low budget in the health care industry and the current economic climate will force many hospitals to make budget cuts, leading to less funding for hospital beds and nursing staff. With the increasing ageing population, euthanasia is seen as a viable alternative of cost reduction. Nonetheless, the public should be sensitized on the matter before assisted suicide is made legal.

3. Reduces financial burden
Economic benefits of euthanasia are evident as it helps to prevent financial drain, as well as health costs. Some families may not have the financial means to get medical care and this may lead to depression, not to mention it would drain their already limited resources.

4. More focus on other patients
The medical care being given to terminal ill patients can now be focused on patients who are showing improvement. It would involve a great deal of resources to take care of someone who has paralysis, for example. Euthanasia is therefore a feasible option that gives loved ones ample time to say their good-byes.
Euthanasia should be the last choice after exhausting all the options. Some patients may not be able to make sound decision, especially when they are taken to hospitals that lack skilled doctors.

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