Know all about the benefits of inversion therapy

Dedicated research has proven that inversion therapy has a multitude of health benefits! In addition, many more benefits of inversion therapy are still being discovered. In this the body is put in a position that places your body in a way that the head remains lower than the heart. This way the harmful effects of … Read more

The various benefits of houseplants that you may or may not know

While most people opt for houseplants for adding greenery, the fact is that they are enhancing their quality of life with these houseplants. You can read more about this through the benefits of houseplants that are detailed below. Ease in breathing – Breathing means the body taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide in the … Read more

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is very different from a variety of western massages. This is because it combines physical massage along with various other therapies. It includes Neuro-muscular therapy, manual therapy and much more. There is yoga, meditation, reflexology and more. This is why there are a number of benefits of Thai massage. A few of these … Read more

The Various Benefits Of Pork

Even though people tend to avoid pork due to its high fat content, it is this fat that makes it so tasty. But scientists are today looking at ways to make it leaner and leaner. In fact, pork has so many health benefits that many consider it as the next white meat. A few of … Read more