The various benefits of houseplants that you may or may not know

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While most people opt for houseplants for adding greenery, the fact is that they are enhancing their quality of life with these houseplants. You can read more about this through the benefits of houseplants that are detailed below.

  1. Ease in breathing – Breathing means the body taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide in the air. During photosynthesis, plants are releasing oxygen. This means that having houseplants increases the oxygen levels in air.
  2. Water gets released – The photosynthesis process of plants helps to release moisture in the air that tends to increase humidity in air. Increasing humidity of a room aids in reducing the respiratory problems.
  3. Since houseplants help in increasing the moisture levels of a room, they aid in decreasing the incidences of dry skin, sore throats, cold as well as dry coughs.
  4. Air purification – Houseplants help in removing the toxins from air. These are toxins that are produced by the material inside the house, such as books, furniture and so on. The leaves are able to absorb the toxic vapors inside the house.
  5. Cleaning of air – The air tight buildings tend to trap VOCs inside. But it is the houseplants that are able to pull these contaminants into soil. Out here, the root zone microorganisms tend to work on them and are able to convert these VOCs so that they are consumed as food for the plant.
  6. Better health – The plants kept in the recovery rooms of surgical patients tend to heal them faster. Such patients require less medications for pain. In addition, they have lesser heart problems and blood pressure issues. They feel lesser fatigue and anxiety, and are able to get discharged from the hospital much faster. This is why plants are considered as an effective, non-invasive as well as affordable option as a complementary medicine for such surgical patients. This is because plants tend to improve the physiological responses of surgical patients that makes them heal better and faster.
  7. Healthy workforce – The benefits of keeping houseplants in office is that employees tend to feel less fatigue and anxiety. In addition, there are fewer colds, coughs, headaches and flu.
  8. Improving focus – The attention of students improves when their study rooms have plants in them. It also helps to improve attendance.
  9. Horticulture therapy – This helps in decreasing recovery time. In the horticulture therapy patients are given the task of taking care of plants. Such patients who are physically interacting with these plants tend to experience a highly reduced recovery time after they have gone through various medical procedures.
  10. Improving productivity – Various studies have revealed that having houseplants can help to improve memory and productivity. The natural influence of such plants is that the work output is of higher quality and gets completed at a much higher rate with better accuracy.
  11. Become happier – The benefits of having houseplants is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, it helps in inducing a feeling of calmness and relaxation. The mood and self-esteem get enhanced. People have a feeling of control and they feel optimistic. The feeling of depression goes away and people generally feel good about themselves.
  12. Lowering of blood pressure – Plants in the recovery room ensured that such patients had lower blood pressure as well as heart rates as compared to patients not having plants in their rooms.
  13. Negating effects of cigarette smoke – plants have the ability to purify the air including the pollutants from cigarette smoke. This will also help to reduce impact of cigarette smoke on the other people in the house.

With a minimal investment and no ongoing costs, you can enjoy all these benefits of having houseplants for your physical and emotional well-being.

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