The purifying benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

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People today keep several Himalayan Salt Lamps in their house as they purify the air indoors, provide a soothing red glow and so much else. Basically these are huge pieces of pure Himalayan Salt that is absolutely pure. These have a small bulb inside them and hence termed as Himalayan salt lamps. And the best part is that these are food grade salt crystals that you may even powder and add to your food if needed! Check out a few benefits of Himalayan salt lamps as detailed below.

  1. The natural negative ions are generated by these salt lamps. These negative ions tend to promote a feeling of getting renewed or refreshed.
  2. The positive ions generated by electronic devices such as TV, computers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners tend to promote problems including stress, allergies, along with various kinds of sleep disorders. Negative ions from the Himalayan salt lamps can neutralize these positive ions by bonding together. This way they are able to help in cleansing the air. This is why you must place these lamps in the same room or as near the electronic equipment such as TV and computer, as you can.
  3. The negative ions in the air that are generated by these Himalayan salt lamps are able to increase the oxygen flow to the brain. This means a higher degree of alertness. In addition, there would be a decrease in drowsiness leading to an overall enhancement of mental energy.
  4. The Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions that help in protecting against the germs present in air. This would lead to a reduction in the cases of cold, cough and throat irritation.
  5. Even though negative ions can be made by machines too, but these Himalayan salt lamps are a much cheaper as well as an effective option.
  6. It is best to use these salt lamps inside our homes during winters. This is because the houses are generally kept closed and very little fresh air comes in. Also, it is very difficult to spend much time outside. They help to clean the air and bring a feeling of rejuvenation in the house.
  7. The Himalayan salt lamps provide an ambient glow in the house. Thus in addition to helping in cleansing the indoor air they are also providing an attractive as well as soothing light in the house.
  8. These are basically multi-colored crystals of salt that tend to provide a soothing effect on the mind and body. This way they are able to enhance your mood.
  9. The wavelength of the light waves produced by these salt lamps aid in the health and preservation of the human body. This light with new energy is able to produce positive as well as soothing effects. Thus it makes sense to place them in areas where you spend most of your time and enjoy the maximum benefits.
  10. These Himalayan salt lamps look beautiful whether in home or office. They are attractive and able to fit any kind of décor. This means that you do not have to think where and how to place them in your present surroundings. They do not spoil any thematic setting and are able to gel in almost anywhere.
  11. Once you get bored of these Himalayan salt lamps, you can even crush them and add them to your food. These are pure crystals and have various therapeutic properties when taken orally.

It is quite clear that the Himalayan salt lamps are not just decoration pieces. They have a lot of benefits for the human body as well as for the mind. All these benefits simply cannot be ignored.

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