Health Benefits Of Squash

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Health Benefits of Squash

Squash is closely related to melons and cucumbers and the two popular kinds of squash are winter and summer. It is accessible in several varieties and it is a good addition to any healthy nutrition. To get the health benefits of squash, the rinds or skin should be eaten. Read on and find out what to expect from squash consumption.

1. Prevents birth defects
Squash, specifically winter squash comprises of sufficient folate amounts that help to lessen the occurrence of various birth defects. That is why women are advised to consume winter squash during and before pregnancy. One cup of squash provides close to 15% of the daily recommended folate amount. In addition, folate also assists in preventing heart attacks through working against the elements that cause harm to the blood vessels. There is an affiliation between folate consumption and lessened cases of certain kinds of cancer like colon cancer.

2. Combats diseases
Summer squash may assist to provide relief to several diseases due to its high antioxidant content. The antioxidants help lessen inflammation and thereby improve asthma and arthritis symptoms. The copper present in squash may also be beneficial for reducing the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, the fiber of this healthy food provides quick relief from digestive complications.

3. Enhances lung health
Medical experts now believe that a deficiency in vitamin A, caused by certain carcinogens present in cigarettes, can contribute to emphysema. However, since winter squash contains high vitamin A levels, it could offer protection against emphysema. Even though the best solution is quitting smoking, consuming a vitamin A rich diet is beneficial if an individual is unable to stop smoking.
Regrettably the use of both winter and summer squash is restricted by bleeding. Users are thereby advised to seek medical assistance, especially if they are taking anticoagulants or cardiovascular medications.

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