Benefits Of Sour Cream

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Benefits of Sour Cream

Sour cream is a type of cream that has undergone fermentation with the assistance of lactic acid bacteria. It has a slight sour taste and it is a versatile product that may also be used in baking. For individuals searching for methods of losing weight, then using sour cream may be the best solution. It actually makes a great quick snack. Here are benefits of sour cream.

1. Satisfying food
A major sour cream advantage is that it is very effective in curbing your hunger cravings. Taking some sour cream in the morning can satiate you quite quickly and it can ensure that you last for long hours without having any food cravings. That is why many people consider sour cream as the perfect breakfast meal as it helps in keeping the huger away till lunch time.

2. Proteins
Getting adequate amount of protein is an essential part of a healthy food plan. This is particularly useful for those in weight loss programs. The protein found in sour cream helps in weight loss and it also ensures that the tissues and bones are strong and healthy.

3. Moderate fat content
The fat content of sour cream is normally dependent on the type of brand you use. You can therefore select a brand that has either higher or lower fat percentage, based on your preferences. Since the sour cream is packed in small cups, limiting your intake to specific portions is also very simple because you know exactly the amount of fat in every cup.

4. Reduced carbohydrate content
It is very surprising how very many products in the food market are basically bloated with carbohydrates. Sour cream offers a healthier alternative for people on low carbohydrate diet s.
However, individuals with allergies to milk products should avoid consumption of sour cream as they may experience some gastrointestinal complications like abdominal pain, diarrhea and gas.

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