Health Benefits Of Okra

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Health Benefits of Okra

Okra, commonly known as gumbo or lady finger, is a very nutritious pod vegetable. Cultivation of okra plant is done in the warm and tropical parts of the world. It matures best in soils that are well drained. The pods of the okra plant are usually harvested while still immature and consumed as vegetable. Read on to find out the health benefits of okra.

1. Vitamin A

Okra contains health vitamin A amounts and also certain flavonoid antioxidants like beta carotenes and lutein. Actually, okra is among the few green vegetables that contain high amounts of flavonoid antioxidants. Vitamin A has many uses in the body, with the major one being that it is necessary for proper vision. This specific vitamin is also needed for the maintenance of healthy skin. Consuming vegetables with high flavonoid content like okra helps to guard against different cancers.

2. Low calories

Okra consumption is recommended for people who are looking to control their weight and those in weight loss programs as well. This is because okra has low calorie content, providing only 25 calories in every 100g. In addition, ingesting okra does not provide the body any extra cholesterol or saturated fats and is therefore beneficial to diabetics.

3. Fiber

The fiber content of okra offers several benefits with regards to maintaining proper digestive health. It assists in reabsorbing water as well as trapping metabolic toxins, surplus bile and excess cholesterol and then eliminating them. Fiber is also vital in the prevention of bloating, gas and constipation, which are common digestive problems that affect many people. Moreover, the fiber found in okra regulates blood sugar through controlling its uptake in the intestines.

Even though there are no reported adverse effects of regular okra consumption, some people do not really delight in its sour taste.

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