What is Yautia? – Surprising Health Benefits of Yautia


If you happen to stay close to a Hispanic market and is in a lookout for finding new foods to add to your gastronomic repertoire, you can for sure give Yautia a try. This plant is also known as Malanga, Tannia, Tanier, Tannier and Cocoyam in the Hispanic markets. Yautia is a tropical root vegetable that is predominantly found in the South America and can be mashed, baked or even roasted to suit our taste. It is an excellent food that is high in fibers and also potassium which is required for our daily health needs. According to a study conducted in University of Florida, Yautia or Malanga has been considered as the least allergenic food which makes it a good dietary choice for people who suffer from severe food allergies.

Here are some of the health benefits of eating this nutritious plant:

Controls Blood Pressure

According to American Heart Foundation, eating Malanga root helps in lowering the effects of sodium within our body that helps in controlling our blood pressure levels.

Good for the Gut

As Yautia is good source of dietary fibers. According to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics it has been recommended that on an average all of us need 25-38 grams of fiber in our diet every day. So eating foods like Malanga not only helps in curing us from constipation, but it also helps us to maintain a healthy weight and even lower the risk of having heart attacks.

Good for people those who suffer from food allergies

Food allergies are a growing concern in all places around the world. According to Food and Allergy Research and Education food allergies are a matter of growing distress in the US, as it has been statistically recorded that approximately 15 million people are affected with this disease in United States. As wheat is one of the top eight food allergens, the inability to eat wheat and other wheat products indeed significantly reduces the limit of food choices for people who suffer from this aliment. Milled into flour hypoallergenic Yautia can always be used as a substitute of wheat flour, as Yautia flour is an excellent ingredient for making breads, pancakes, doughnuts, cookies or even muffins.

An Excellent Energy Booster

Most of the calories in Yautia comes from its carbohydrate contents. As it has been seen that carbohydrates are our bodies preferred source of energy, which is needed for fueling our hard working muscles and other organs, Yautia which is digested slowly for its high fiber contents is a good source of producing energy for our body.

Helps in maintaining blood sugar level

Yautia is often prescribed by dieticians for people who suffer from Diabetes, as this vegetable is digested slowly and so it helps in maintaining proper blood sugar level in our body.

Apart from the above mentioned facts Yautia roots also contains 17 different kinds of amino acids and life giving Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils which helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, prevent cancer and protects us from cold and flues. The leaves and root of this plant is also contains a chemical known as Polyphenols which is considered as a powerful antioxidant that prevent cell damage and ageing.

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