Top 5 Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

A host of highly effective health benefits are attached with frankincense oil. This essential oil is a natural antiseptic. There are other medically proven properties of this oil such as this oil is a disinfectant, a sedative, a digestive tonic, an expectorant etc. This special essential oil is taken out from what you know as olibanum trees, popularly known as frankincense trees. It is scientifically known as Boswellia Carteri. Some of the major components in frankincense oil are Bornyl Acetate, Octyl Acetate, Alpha Pinene, Linalool, Incensole, Actanol and Incensyl Acetate. Over the centuries, frankincense is being popularly used as incense burners and cosmetics. Now, let’s talk about some of its major benefits.

1. Strengthen Your Immune System

Frankincense is used as an antiseptic from ancient times that includes Egyptian and Christian traditions. The fumes generated after burning frankincense helps you eliminate germs in the air and it works as a disinfectant. Frankincense fights hard and protect your body from further infection when applied in the wounded areas. It also helps you healing your wounds faster.

2. Rich in Astringent Properties

You get multiple health benefits alone for frankincense’s astringent properties. It helps in strengthening gums, hair follicles. Frankincense oil lifts your skin and prevents your skin from aging. The astringent properties in this oil helps you prevent premature hair loss and dental problems. This oil when used as cosmetics for your skin, prevents from wrinkles. It fights aging by keeping your skin and other body organs healthy and firm. It also works as a natural coagulant preventing excessive blood loss from physical wounds.

3. Prevents Gas Forming in Your Body

Frankincense’s carminative properties makes it a great cure against gas formation in body. Frankincense oil helps you remove extra gas from your body down the intestinal chord. Eventually, it helps in preventing frequent gas related health problems such as abdominal pain, stomach aches, chest pain, uneasiness, abnormal sweating and indigestion.

4. Accelerate Your Digestive System

Frankincense oil has strong digestive properties. If you are tired and disappointed using antacids for acidity problems, you can try frankincense oil. It is a natural and highly effective medicine that facilitates proper digestion unlike other antacid drugs which only suppresses the visible symptoms. This essential oil accelerate the secretion of gastric juices, essential acids and bile in order to accelerate the overall digestion process. It works in a way that all the antacid medicines should follow. Frankincense promotes the natural way of digestion resulting to lesser acidity and indigestion problems than before.

5. Solves Respiratory Problems

Frankincense oil helps in soothing cough when you have caught a cold, especially during winter and monsoon season. It also helps you in removing phlegm deposits out from the respiratory tubes and lungs area. Frankincense oil is known to provide effective cure for bronchitis and nasal tract congestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps in easing off the breathing passage which eventual safeguard you against fatal respiratory syndromes such as asthma.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned, frankincense oil works as a great cure for stress and relieves anxiety. It also promotes a good uterine health. Frankincense when mixed with other aromatic substances and oils, generate a wide range of combinations for aromatherapy.

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