Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

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Earl Grey Tea

All tea drinkers must have heard or have tried Earl Gray Tea. This tea is a blend of several kinds of Chinese Teas along with some added Citrus flavor. Earl Gray Tea was named after the 19th Century British Prime Minister, Earl Charles Grey. It’s an aromatic blend of Tea which also has many significant health benefits owing to its content of natural and biologically active compounds some of which has been illustrated below.

Like all traditional Teas, Earl Gray Tea contains compounds that belong to a class of natural chemicals known as Flavonols and Flavonoids. When the Earl Gray Tea leaves are dried and rolled, this process promotes the formation of additional compounds called Thearubigins and Theaflavins which are also potential antioxidants that helps us to ward off chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

The main benefits of drink Earl Gray Tea are as follows:

Good for the teeth

Earl Grey Tea contains very high levels of Catechin, which is an antioxidant that helps in fighting oral cancer. This tea also contains Fluorides that are good for the health of our teeth because Fluorides are certain chemicals which protects our teeth from cavities and fights tooth decay.

Helps in curing indigestion

Earl Grey Tea is an age old remedy against indigestion. Drinking this tea after heavy meals helps us in digestion of the foods. Apart from aiding our digestive process, Earl Grey Tea also helps us to get ourselves relieved from symptoms related to colic and nausea. In China, Earl Grey Tea, is often used for treating intestinal problems such as getting rid of helminthes and tapeworms from our digestive track.

Cures mood disorder and depression

The bergamot oil found in Earl Grey Tea which provides a part of its aroma, has been known to have a calming effect on people. Bergamot Oil is also famous for boosting our mood. This way, ingesting Earl Gray Tea has been found to be a good solution for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress or chronic depression syndromes.

Provides energy

Although Earl Gray Tea may not have as much kick as Coffee, nevertheless this Tea does contain sufficient amount of Caffeine that can boost our energy for a couple of hours.

Fights cancer

Earl Gray Tea contains very high amount of antioxidants which helps in fighting off the free radicals from our body that causes deadly diseases such as Cancer. Hence drinking Earl Gray Tea regularly aids in reducing the chances of developing such terminal maladies.

Rejuvenates our skin

Much like other Teas, the antioxidants present in the Earl Gray Tea helps to keep our skin stay healthy and slows down the ageing process.

Fights Obesity

Primarily due to the Citrus extract that is used for manufacturing Earl Gray Tea, this tea is also well known for inducing weight loss. Many people believes in the fact that drinking Earl Gray Tea during the morning on an empty stomach can effectively help us to get rid of the unwanted fat from our bodies.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits Earl Gray Tea is also good for strengthening our immune system and is a remedy against fever and common cold.

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