Benefits of Wanbao Tea

Wanbao Tea

The herbs that are used for making Wanbao Tea which is a popular Chinese herbal medicine provides several health benefits for our body. Wanbao Tea is made up of two main ingredients Fructus Lycii and Glossy Ganoderma. Fructus Lycii is also known as Gogi in certain parts of China. When it comes to Chinese herbal medicine, Wanbao Tea is not only limited to its taste, but it is often consumed as it allows a person to remain fit and strong and fight against diseases that occur due to ageing related problems. It has been medically proved that drinking Wanbao Tea helps in providing strong immunity to fight and resist several illnesses.

Here are some of the essential benefits of drinking Wanbao Tea:

Helps in curing insomnia

Drinking Wanbao Tea which contains the benefits of the life giving herb Glossy Ganoderma helps in providing us with adequate sleep. As proper sleep keeps a person mentally and physically fit, drinking this tea makes also get cured out of diseases like dizziness and neurasthenia.

Helps in curing digestive disorders

It has been clinically recorded, that drinking Wanbao Tea after the major meals helps in the treatment of indigestion. Traditional medical practitioners in China, often prescribed this Tea for curing duodenal ulcers and also for the treatment of gastritis and chronic hepatitis. Some medical practitioners in Korea also uses Wanbao Tea for treating patients suffering from pyelonephritis.

Helps in the treatment of our heart and lungs

Apart from providing strong immunity to our body, Wanbao Tea is also effective for treating all important diseases associated with our heart and lungs. One of the main ingredients of this Tea, Glossy Ganoderma has the potential to treat high serum cholesterol, which often leads to several cardiac maladies. It has been widely acknowledged by traditional Chinese medical practitioners and by stalwarts in traditional Korean medicine that Glossy Ganoderma is also a very effective herbal drug that helps in curing several chronic pulmonary diseases like bronchitis, rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

Enhances eyesight

Fructus Lycii which is also known as Wolfberry in USA, and is a major ingredient for preparing Wanbao Tea that helps in enhancing our eyesight. It is also believed that drinking this Tea even helps in keeping diseases like cataract and other ocular ailments which happens with ageing at a bay.

Fights impotency

According to the traditional Chinese book of remedies, it has been noted that drinking Wanbao tea on a regular basis helps in curing impotency and reduces the negative effects of seminal emissions.

Apart from these above stated facts, Wanbao Tea is also consumed as it nourishes our kidneys and our splenic organs.

It has been found that this Tea contains ingredients like Thiamine, Vitamins, Carotenes, Beta carotenes and several other trace elements which helps in rejuvenating our tissues. In a recent study done on Wanbao Tea in South Korea, it has been found that this Tea also can help in treating patients suffering from Esophageal Cancer. Much like Green Tea, Wanbao Tea is also another Chinese herb that helps in maintaining our body weight, when it is taken every day in the morning on an empty stomach.

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