Benefits of Vibration Therapy in Men

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Benefits of Vibration Therapy in Men

Vibration medicine is another name for vibration therapy that has put a scientist view on wellness and health. It is basically based on the scientific principle that all matter will vibrate through natural forms of energy. A vibration is basically a wave send through your body over and over again. It is usually quantified by the level of frequency; this is just the number of waves per second. The other factor that defines the wave is the amplitude; which is the size of the wave. These two factors determine the kind of effects you will get from the vibration therapy. The different frequencies have different effect on different parts of the body. Vibration therapy has developed to a form of therapy used in the Olympic athletes by the Russian scientists in the 1970s.

Benefit one for vibration therapy in men is increase in healing of strains, fractures and sprains. Most men are involved in strenuous exercise in the gyms or sports. Energy in your body may become out of balance and becomes stagnant when you are injured or damaged. When you stand on a vibrating plate, your body starts to move in a rocking movement which stimulates all the cells in your body. This helps harmonize the energetic rhythm which in return promotes the balance and healing process in all the body cells.

Regular use of the whole body vibration therapy can also cause your glands to lubricate naturally. This will also give results if you need relive of back pain and joint therapy.

Benefit two is reducing arthritis pain in aged men. It has already proven to help lubrication in joints. The other major benefit for men suffering from arthritis is reducing the frequency of the symptoms and soothes the effect of the attacks. There is proof that vibration therapy can reduce some forms of pain especially when high0frequency energy is applied on the problematic area. Pain signals are also prevented from reaching the central nervous system.

Benefit three is muscle strength. The whole body vibration therapy holds promise for young boys or men with neuromuscular disorder for example Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Muscle weakness usually results in physical inactivity in addition to the muscle breakdown.

Benefit four is hormone production. The human growth hormones are very important when it comes to building strong bones and muscle. Testosterone plays a very crucial role in this for both females and males. Another hormone that plays a very vital role in the muscles and bones is cortisol. It is the stress hormone is known to reduce and break down muscle mass and bones. Vibration therapy increases the level of testosterone and decreases the level of cortisol.

Benefit five is helping individuals living with Parkinson’s disease have a better quality of life. These individuals are usually very vulnerable to risks of fractures and falls. Vibration therapy helps them strengthen their bones and muscles reducing the risks. Studies have proven the gait steadiness and posture control improved remarkably.

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