Benefits of Vibration Therapy for Women

Benefits of Vibration Therapy for Women

Whole body vibration therapy has become a well-known and effective replacement for physical exercises. If you are in the category of people with sedentary lifestyle and very limited time for a workout then vibration therapy is beneficial. It is a very useful and good form of therapy for women who have painful joints, poor lymphatic drainage, stiff muscles, poor immunity levels and weight management problems. These various issues can be solved as well as addressed through the therapy using regular sessions. There are numerous positive effects from the various scientific studies that support this form of vibration therapy for women.

Benefit one is balance and flexibility. The vibration therapy in women improves the level of balance and flexibility. The motion is the therapy and the vibration from the machines forces your muscles to work hard. This applies for both voluntary and involuntary muscles so as to keep your body balance on the platform. This prevents from falling off during the therapy. Once you start exercising on the platform, your body will start to adapt and will eventually learn how to handle the higher amounts of vibration frequency. In the long run your balance will improve. At the same time your coordination improves as the muscles and brain learn how to communicate effectively in order to avoid excessive motion and enable you to be stable on the platform.

Benefit two is Circulation; it is enhanced when energy waves are sent through your entire body mainly because the joints and muscle are warmed up. The vibration therapy ensures that there is increase in blood flow; there is better delivery of water, nutrients and oxygen in your body. Vibration therapy also helps remove the by-product from your body. Lastly, the vibration waves enable the synovial fluids to cover the areas of your joints which are not reachable by your blood vessels. This basically means improves nutrition for the joints as well as improved lubrication.

Benefit three of vibration therapy is weight management especially for women. The effects of conventional training exercises can be attained through the whole body vibration. You can opt to stay at home and do your usual cardio workout or just step on the vibration therapy machine and let it do the job for you. The energy waves are sent through your body and it can stimulate either one or more body parts. This will depend with your positioning; there are machines used while standing and other used while seated. Weight loss happens when the muscles fibers consume more energy by burning a higher amount of calories in response to the vibration.

Benefit four is increase in lymphatic drainage. The whole body vibration does not only increase blood flow but also the lymph flow and this enables better drainage. The lymphatic system is made up a network of nodes as well as vessels which are mainly responsible for collection and transportation of tissue fluids. This ensures your body is able to detoxifying with every session.

Benefit four is alleviating pain in fibromyalgia sufferers. Vibration is a analgesic by nature for the human body.

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