Benefits Of Treadclimber

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Benefits of Treadclimber

The treadclimber basically combines the advantages of three different exercises into a single workout. It is viewed like a stair climber, elliptical and treadmill packaged together, making it a prevalent option amongst fitness gurus. The treadclimber offers a beneficial cardio exercise that can be easily performed by all people. Here are advantages of using treadclimber.

1. Burns calories
The treadclimber acts like an incline workout and helps to burn more calories. Since moving up an incline is highly demanding in contrast to walking at similar speeds on flat surfaces, you will surely burn lots of calories using the treadclimber. Actually, you will burn a similar calorie amount in half the period it may take if you had exercised on the standard treadmill. This means the treadclimber burns more calories even at reduced speeds.

2. Low impact exercise
The treadclimber is not designed for running and it only has a maximum speed of 4 mph. However, the slow speed of this particular workout machine ensures that users receive low impact workouts. These kinds of workouts are the best choice for individuals suffering from joint or bone issues that prevent them from enduring the frequent jarring of various high impact workouts such as using a standard treadmill.

3. Highly flexible
For fitness gurus who like changing the paces of their workouts, the treadclimber offers the advantage of being highly flexible. With a couple small changes, you can easily use this workout machine either like a treadmill or stair climber. Simply shutting off the machine and then selecting your comfortable hydraulic intensity, you get the stair climber. By switching the treadclimber on and locking the treadles together, you get a treadmill.
The disadvantage of the treadclimber that it has a low maximum speed of 4mph. This makes it hard to attain a running or jogging pace.

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