Health Benefits Of PABA

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Health Benefits of PABA

PABA, also called Para-amino benzoic acid, is utilized by the body for enhancing protein. It also assists in RBC formation and is needed for folic acid production in the small intestines. PABA is a popular supplement that is ingested orally for various benefits. Originating from the B vitamin family, PABA nutritional supplements provide the following benefits to their users.

1. Hair health
Through protecting hair follicles, PABA consumed like a supplement enhances hair health. While it may not stop the loss of hair once it starts, it may help deter it from even happening. Individuals with dry scalps and dandruffs are thereby advised to begin taking PABA supplements to cure their conditions.

2. Antioxidant properties
PABA has effective antioxidant properties that help the body avoid damage linked to free radicals, which damage cells and cause both cancer and also premature ageing. Antioxidants lessen free radicals effect through stopping their harmful chain reactions. PABA is located in green vegetables, yogurt, liver, whole grains and eggs. Consuming these food sources or the supplement forms of PABA offers your body adequate antioxidants.

3. Benefits skin
Like a beneficial topical compound, PABA guards the skin from the sun’s damaging effects. A sunscreen that encompasses PABA is capable of absorbing the UV sun rays and thus prevents wrinkling and sunburn. Moreover, topical PABA application also prevents dark spots associated with too much sunlight.

4. Prevents PABA deficiency
Having a deficiency in PABA may cause several symptoms like fatigue, hair graying, digestive disorders and headache. These symptoms are normally alleviated using PABA supplements. However, PABA supplements only eliminate hair graying if it caused by deficiencies in this vitamin B compound.
High doses of PABA supplements might cause nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, lack of appetite and fever. Excessive over use of this supplement can cause liver damage and also PABA toxicity.

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