Benefits of Syrah

Benefits of Syrah

Syrah is a popular grape and it is largely used for producing some of the tastiest red wines. Also called Shiraz, syrah is used both blended and like a varietal. It is mainly used for the production of classic wines such as Hermitage. Some of the big syrah growers are America, France and Chile. There are many reasons why syrah enjoys unequalled fame and popularity and some are discussed below.

1. Great taste

Syrah has a very distinct taste, which it transfers to any wine that is created from it. It has a juicy and fresh mid-palate and it helps to balance the varietals that are used in blended wines. Syrah therefore gives wine a more complete feeling. In addition, it can be consumed both like a young wine and aged wine because of smooth structure.

2. Provides antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary in the body as they prevent or slow down oxidation through capturing the injurious free radicals. Syrah contains lots of helpful antioxidants that work to eliminate oxidation through eliminating any intermediaries of free radicals. This prevents the onset of diseases and helps repair cell damage. Oxidation is linked to several diseases like chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, heart failure and Parkinson’s disease.

3. Provides resveratrol

Syrah contains a beneficial ingredient called resveratrol, which has numerous benefits for humans. In rat and mouse experiments, blood sugar-reducing, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and other important cardiovascular impacts of resveratrol are constantly being reported. Resveratrol is mainly found inside the skin of most red grapes. Vine grapes produced in a cool climate have a higher level of resveratrol compared to those in a warm climate. Syrah is among the grape varieties that contain the most resveratrol.

Now you know what to purchase when you are looking for a tasty and healthy wine. Just delight in the nice flavor of syrah and it will provide you all the benefits discussed above.

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