Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis

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Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi, a form of martial arts, is now used for therapy all around the world. In fact, arthritis patients have been shown to benefit from practicing Tai Chi. Through exercising the entire body, Tai Chi is able to help prevent arthritis from progressing. It is commonly called meditation in motion and it consists of flowing and fluid circular movements. While performing such movements, arthritis patients can maintain mobility, improve joint health and also relax.

1. Improves flexibility

The movements used in Tai Chi are very practical and helpful to anyone with arthritis. This is because this condition usually affects the knees, which makes walking and doing daily activities a huge challenge. That is why individuals with arthritis have a stiff gait. Certain Tai Chi movements work to improve knee flexibility and this helps to enhance motion.

2. Relieves pain

The exercises performed during a Tai Chi session are graceful, gentle and a good way of relieving arthritis pain. Besides relieving pain, these movements also help individuals with arthritis to gain balance and strength. Tai Chi movements are actually considered the most effective alternative therapies which provide pain relief, possibly allowing arthritis patients to reduce their intake of pain medications.

3. Relieves stress

Tai Chi focuses on creating inner peace and basically relaxing the whole body. When you are doing Tai Chi, you do not focus on your worldly worries, which include your arthritis problem. This will allow you to better manage your condition as it helps to relieve stress.

4. Lessens fatigue

Tai Chi reduces overall body fatigue and this enhances the health of individuals with arthritis. When practicing these graceful movements, the body muscles and joints are used efficiently. This helps prevent fatigue and promotes relaxation.

Thanks to Tai Chi, arthritis patients can now be able to do everyday stuff such as cleaning and gardening without any effort.

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