Benefits Of Oxidation

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Benefits of Oxidation

Oxidation is the process in which oxygen interacts with the molecules of other substances. Even though most people are aware of destructive cases of oxidation like rusting, it is essential to note that it also has certain benefits. The following article takes a look at benefits of oxidation.

1. Enhances the function of antioxidants

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant because it is more easily oxidized. The oxidation process therefore enhances its function of guarding RNA or DNA from free radical damage. It also improves the intake of vitamin C into the body, which is required for healthy brain function and the production of collagen.

2. Lowers cancer risk

Most types of cancer and other health complications are generally caused through free radical damage. However, the oxidation in the body by various oxidation agents like vitamin A and vitamin E on free radicals helps to lower the risk of developing different kinds of cancer including breast, prostate and stomach cancer.

3. Improves metabolism

Oxidation greatly helps in the digestive process since it oxidizes fat and thus improves metabolism. An increase in metabolism means that the body will be capable of burning more calories. Oxidation also enhances the breakdown of other nutrients, particularly vitamins, and helps to increase the production of energy.

4. Helps weight loss

The accumulation of fat cells in the body usually leads to an increase in body weight. The fat cells comprise of fats and excess sugar. Oxidation of these fat cells assists in doing away with the fats and excess sugar. This is a highly beneficial action as it leads to a significant weight loss.

Aside from all these benefits, oxidation also has certain disadvantages. For instance, oxidation reactions produce free radicals. These free radicals then begin chain reactions, which damage cells and cause serious ailments like cancer.

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