Benefits Of Steroids


Benefits of Steroids

Each time people hear about body builders and athletes using steroids to enhance their bodies, it instantly signifies a bad image. However, it is vital to note that there are legal steroids that offer innumerable health benefits. The following are key benefits of taking steroids.

1. Boost energy

Steroids offer athletes lean body strength and mass. It also provides additional endurance and energy as well as fast recovery from demanding exercises. Through taking about 400 milligrams of steroids every week, you are going to have the extra endurance and energy that lasts for a long time. Taking steroids before working out provides the body more energy to perform better during the workout and thus reap more benefits.

2. Enhance muscle strength

The other main benefit of using steroids is that they cause a significant increase in both muscle strength and size. This increase is as a result of the improved glycogen content, protein mass and water-weight. In resistance training, steroids benefit body builders through improving the fibers present in their muscles and this makes the muscles stronger and bigger. In addition, steroid use lowers skeletal muscle lethargy that usually occurs in the nerve fibers.

3. Increase fertility

Men who suffer from very low testosterone levels can greatly benefit from using steroids. Getting testosterone supplementation assists in increasing fertility, reducing baldness and also enhancing muscle mass. Men with testosterone deficiencies generally suffer from reduced sexual desire, bouts of tiredness and loss of both muscle and bone tissue. Since testosterone is also responsible for muscle growth, it helps men to avoid these problems.

4. Enhance blood flow

Steroids benefit athletes through providing optimum intake of oxygen, which increases the concentration of glycogen and also enhances blood flow. It therefore offers enhanced training endurance, which is important for professional body builders.

There are many side effects of steroid use including violent behavioral moods, abdominal pains and diarrhea among others.

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    May 5, 2011 5:43 am

    Thanks for sharing the benefits of the steroids.. I was wondering to know what is the best age to start the dosage of it and is it required that it should be started after the doctor prescription?

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