Benefits Of Lunch Breaks

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Benefits of Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks are provided in most companies to give the employees an opportunity to relax and have their lunch before continuing on with their duties. Further down are benefits of going on lunch breaks for the employees as well as the employer.

1. Benefit the body

Our bodies were not made for constantly sitting down at an office desk for the entire day. The eyes, shoulders, neck, wrists and back benefits each time we stand up and go for lunch break. In addition, you are going to feel much better when you go back home with reserve energy without headaches and stress.

2. Increase creativity

It is not likely to get a great idea while pushing yourself at your desk to complete a particular venture. Most ideas usually come when a person is relaxed, especially during lunch breaks when people are engaging in discussions with other people. Actually a lunch break might be exactly what you need to solve a persistent problem.

3. Enhance productivity

Several studies indicate that lunch breaks assist to enhance levels of productivity. Short times of relaxation such as lunch breaks enable employees to withstand high effort levels for a longer time.

4. Encourage job satisfaction

If you never pause during the day to savor accomplishments, take stock and preserve a great sense of enjoyment, it is hard to experience proper job satisfaction. In fact, prolonged and intense time on projects squeezes the enjoyment out work.

5. Better appearance

Lunch breaks offer the chance of doing away with signs of tiredness. You can choose to have a short nap or exercise during your lunch break and this enhances your overall appearance.

However, lunch breaks can cause employees to reduce their efficiency, especially if the employees do not really want to get back to their work stations and continue working.

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