Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum

Benefits of Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum exits almost everywhere and is found in various applications, commonly being used in canned drinks and foods. Since consumption of canned food is on the rise, recycling aluminum cans is of utmost importance in order to minimize wastes and wastage of space through unnecessary landfill. Here are some of the benefits of recycling aluminum.

1. Energy conservation
Aluminum extraction from its core usually demands a lot of energy and man power. It involves unearthing, transporting the ores for manufacturing and processing them before they are used to make industrial products. All these steps consume vast amounts of energy, which in turn makes us dependent on fossil energy. Recycling aluminum is a great energy saver as opposed to mining it from its ore.

2. Saves time and labor
Scrap aluminum forms an essential part in the manufacturing industry as it easily recyclable. Aluminum products like aluminum pans and pots, frozen food, dinner trays and foils – can be recycled repetitively with no extra labor. On the other hand, appliances and building materials also provide recyclable aluminum. In other words, the use of scrap aluminum as opposed to manufacturing aluminum saves both time and man-power.

3. Eco-friendly
Since recycling aluminum requires less energy than manufacturing it from its core, green house emissions are significantly reduced. This reduces environmental pollution, such as acid rain and global warming. According to statistics, recycling aluminum is eco-friendly as it minimizes both air and water pollution.

4. Job opportunities
Statistics show that recycling aluminum has led to the rise of processing and transport industries. This has created numerous job breaks in aluminum and recycling companies.
Recycling scrap aluminum may cause pollution due to the growth of recycling companies. Also, scrap aluminum usually requires a considerable amount of time to biodegrade, meaning they have to be stored in landfills, leading to wastage of space.

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