Benefits Of Raisins

Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are basically the dried version of grapes. These black or green colored delicacies are very popular, especially to children. They are commonly used in cuisines (in desserts), as snacks, health tonics and also form great diet for trekkers and mountaineers. Research has shown that they have numerous health benefits.

1. Aids in digestion

Raisin in its dried form is high in fiber that helps treat common digestion problems like acid reflux and constipation. It also contains essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which help in absorption of proteins and other nutrients in the body.

2. Weight gain

Just like other dry fruits, raisins form a great nutritional plan for those trying to gain weight, as they are high in glucose and fructose. Therefore, consumption of resin is ideal for body builders since it provide the needed energy, without accumulating ‘’bad” cholesterol.

3. Reduces acidosis

Acidosis is popularly known as blood toxicity, a condition that cause increased acidity in your blood. This is harmful and may lead to other complications like skin disease, boils, arthritis, hair loss, cancer, renal calculi, gout and even tumor. Raisins are great source of magnesium and potassium, which help to neutralize stomach acids.

4. Treats anemia

Raisins contain significant amount of iron thus is beneficial to patients with anemia. Moreover, it contains Vitamins-B which helps in blood clotting. Copper present in raisin also help in production of red blood cells.

5. Anti-oxidant properties

Phenolic phytonutrients recognized for their anti-oxidant and anti-biotic properties, found in raisin are beneficial it fighting bacterial and viral infections to help cure flu and fever.

6. Reduces risk of osteoporosis

Raisins also contain calcium that maintains bone health, preventing the risk of osteoporosis in old age. Boron present in raisins is beneficial in absorption of minerals and bone formation.

Excessive consumption of raisins is believed to cause gum decay, weight gain, stomach upset and chronic headaches.

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