Benefits Of Raw Eggs

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Benefits of Raw Eggs

When eggs are cooked, most of the beneficial properties, including fats and proteins, are lost. For that reason, it is better to consume raw eggs than the cooked ones. Read on and find out the benefits of raw eggs.

1. Build muscle

Raw eggs comprise of high quality proteins and are therefore ideal for body builders and athletes. In fact, top athletes eat raw eggs daily because of this benefit. It assists in building lean muscle due to its high protein content. In addition, consuming raw eggs also increases muscle strength, especially if used together with an effective workout program.

2. Enhance skin

Using raw eggs as your facial mask can provide your skin with numerous benefits. It dries out an individual’s skin gently while tightening skin pores and adding the vital nutrients. The fat present in the egg yolk is very effective for people with dry skin as it softens and moisturizes the skin. It also evens out skin tone, reducing the presence of scars or marks. For those with normal skins, raw eggs provide the skin all the nutrients it requires to look shiny and healthy.

3. Hair care

Raw eggs comprise of many vitamins including A, E and D that are very beneficial in treating loss of hair. Vitamin A offers oil for preventing dry hair and dandruff, which can be quite disgraceful when seen by other people. Vitamin E assists in the absorption of oxygen while vitamin V enhances hair growth. The high protein content present in raw eggs also has a beneficial effect on hair as it helps in strengthening hair follicles. It also works as a hair conditioner giving volume, texture and shine to hair.

Nevertheless, it is risky to eat uncooked food as you might get sick due to the bacteria present in the food. This means that you should be careful when eating raw eggs.

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