Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

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benefis of teaBenefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea contains many helpful effects to the body and it is popularly consumed worldwide. Green tea does not require a lot of processing in contrast with black tea and thus it possesses more health benefits. Regular consumption of green tea provides many benefits as explained clearly below.

1. Antioxidant effects

Since green tea originates from leaves that have not been fermented, it contains high antioxidant concentrations. Antioxidants like polyphenols fight free radicals and prevent them from altering cells, which tampers with DNA and causes cell death. Drinking green tea provides the body this vital antioxidant and prevents immature ageing and the onset of several health complications, including heart disease and cancer.

2. Enhances metabolic rate

Consuming green tea considerably increases an individual’s metabolic rate. Research illustrates that the high polyphenol and catechin concentrations cause a metabolic rate increase of about 4%. This helps to intensify the fat oxidation levels and assist the body to burn more calories.

3. Assists weight loss

Intake of green tea could possibly reduce appetite and therefore help those people seeking to lose some weight. It regulates blood sugar and inhibits glucose movement into fat cells. It also helps to limit the blood sugar rise that usually occurs after meals. This action guards against high insulin rises and fat storage.

4. Enhances learning ability

Frequent consumption of green tea leads to improved learning ability and memory. It maintains proper cognitive function due to the helpful effect that polyphenol has on brain function. Many students nowadays drink green regularly because of this benefit.

5. Increases lifespan

Green tea enhances the overall health of a person as it protects against health complications, particularly cardiovascular conditions. It diminishes the likelihood of stroke and cancer development and promotes longevity.

The only side effect of green tea consumption is insomnia because it also comprises of caffeine.

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