Benefits Of Push Ups for Women

Benefits of Push Ups for Women

Most women usually find it difficult to do pull-ups. This is because women have less muscle strength than men. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are impossible to execute. With the guide of a fitness trainer, women can reap many benefits from performing push ups. Here are the benefits of push ups for women.

1. Improves strength
If you wish to increase upper body strength, push ups are right for your fitness needs. For starters, starting a push-up regimen will build your upper body as it involves a series of variations that put both hands and toes in motion. If you are a newbie and want to develop upper body strength, simply lean against the wall from at least five inches out.

2. Targets different muscle groups
Unlike weight lifting, push ups target different muscle groups. However, you should remember to keep a proper posture to avoid back pain. When you perform this exercise, make sure your abdominal muscles remain taut to provide an excellent ab workout, improving your posture in the process. Furthermore, push-ups build the chest muscles and can help with sagging breasts, as well as flabby skin on your arms. A healthy nutrition, coupled with regular exercise, can alleviate dropping breasts and flapping underarms.

3. Accessibility
One reason you should incorporate push-ups into your workout regimen is that they don’t require any form of expertise or special equipment. In other words, their efficiency solely relies on your body’s resistance. When travelling or on vacation, do several reps in your hotel room and add repetitions as you progress for maximum benefits.

4. Strengthens stomach muscles
Push-ups also strengthen the abdominal muscles as they are actively engaged to position your body in a proper alignment.
Push-ups generally require strong shoulders and arms. You should also incorporate other intensive exercises into your workout regimen to strengthen your arms so that you can perform push-ups with minimal effort.

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