Benefits Of Pears

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Benefits of Pears

Pears are sweet fruits that are thought to be related to apples. They have a similar size to apples with several seeds at the core. The flesh of the pear is usually juicy and sweet. It has a soft texture and boasts of the following health benefits.

1. Provide energy

Fresh pears provide a natural and quick energy source mainly because of its high glucose and fructose content. Most body builders and athletes consume pears before they start exercising to enable them perform better. It is also a good choice for people who are feeling sick as it provides them instant energy.

2. High nutrition content

Pears are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins BI, B2, A, C, niacin and folic acid. They also contain high potassium, phosphorous and copper content, with low amounts of chlorine, calcium, sodium, sulfur and magnesium. This makes pears a great addition to anyone’s diet .

3. Benefit infants

Usually, pears are recommended as hypo-allergenic fruits that have high fiber content but not likely to generate adverse reactions. Juice made from pears is given to infants since it is mild and beneficial. In fact the high folic acid content guards against neural defects in newborns.

4. Enhance heart health

Pears have anti-carcinogen and anti-oxidant glutathione, which assists in preventing heart complications and lowering blood pressure. The high potassium and vitamin B content are also beneficial for proper heart health. In addition, pears reduce cholesterol levels due to the pectin content present in pears.

5. Treat throat problems

Consuming pear juice each night and morning assists in cooling the body during summer. Since it nourishes a person’s throat, it helps in preventing throat problems. Furthermore, boiling pear juice together with raw honey helps to relieve sore throat.

Different from apples, most varieties of pears have very thin skins. For that reason, it is not very simple to peel a pear.

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