Benefits Of Potatoes

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Benefits of Potatoes

Today a meal is not complete without potatoes, especially among potato lovers. They have numerous health benefits, as they have the correct amount of calories and carbohydrates. The funny thing is that almost everyone loves eating potatoes.

1. Weight gain
Potatoes contain significant amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which make it ideal for people trying to shed some few pounds. They contain vitamin-B and C complex that help in absorption of carbohydrates. It is an inevitable diet for those participating in Sumo Wrestling.

2. Aids in digestion
Potatoes contain carbohydrates that help to facilitate the process of digestion. This makes them a perfect diet for babies, patients and those people that have common digestion problems like acid reflux. Potatoes also contain roughage or fiber, which aid in digestion.

3. Skin care treatment
Potatoes contain minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus that are good for your skin. In addition to that, pulp obtained after crushing raw potatoes serve as great face and skin packs. Again, that pulp is applied on burns to provide quick relief on external burns.

4. Scurvy
Vitamin-C found in potatoes help prevent scurvy, caused by vitamin-C deficiency in the body. The disease is usually characterized by bleeding and spongy gums, viral infections and cracked lips.

5. Rheumatism
Magnesium, calcium and vitamins in potatoes also provide relief to patients with rheumatism. Due to its high carbohydrate or starch content, potatoes cause a change in body weight that provides relief in cases of rheumatism.

6. High blood pressure
Potatoes can help alleviate high blood pressure, as they contain significant amount of vitamin-B and C. However, patients with diabetes should avoid consumption of potatoes to avoid health complications.

Though potatoes provide numerous health benefits, excessive intake can increase blood sugar levels and acidity in the body. Therefore, it is advisable to moderate the intake of potatoes.

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