Benefits Of Obama’s Health Care Plan

Benefits of Obama’s Health Care Plan

Better health care is the main issue for American citizens and the President has proposed aggressive health insurance plans to provide affordable medical coverage to all. Although this will be disadvantageous to insurance companies, the health care reform has many benefits.

1. Expanded medical coverage

The government would create a new national medical coverage for all American citizens and big corporations, as well as small businesses. Moreover, each and every individual would receive similar medical coverage as that of government employees. Regardless of pre-existing condition or illness, all citizens would have access to affordable medical coverage.

2. Lowered premiums

There would be low premiums for those individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, employers would have the obligation to provide affordable health care for their staff. As a result, competition would increase in the medicine field and insurance, thus decreasing costs.

3. Increased options

Children who are not eligible for medical coverage would be covered by Medical and SCHIP, both of which are government programs that cater for the less privileged. Health care insurance would also be made available to all, especially those who are not able to afford medical insurance.

4. Better quality care

In the past few years, there has been a rise in fatal mistakes in the medical field that lead to unprecedented deaths. The government would set funds to help improve medical technology to improve the quality of health care.

5. Medical research and training

All health care facilities would be obligated to store their data in computers. In addition, the government would emphasis on medical training and research to provide medical workers and doctors with what they need to do their job efficiently.

6. Improved preventive care

There would be increased access to essential programs and information on the importance of preventive care. Chronic illnesses, for instance would be prevented.

Many insurance companies feel that they will lose their earnings if the government were to reduce premiums.

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