Benefits Of Swiss chard

Benefits of Swiss chard

Swiss chard, also called spinach chard is a widely known nutritious vegetable that originated from Europe. The plant has large leaves and well-matured stalks. Usually, Swiss chard leaves are gathered at different maturity stages. The young leaves are used for preparing salads and the mature leaves are used for cooking. Using the Swiss chard offers several benefits as shown below.

1. Antioxidant regeneration

The riboflavin found in high amounts in this particular vegetable is an essential co-factor in antioxidant regeneration, specifically glutathione. A key role played by glutathione in the body is protecting certain lipids such as cholesterol from damage caused by free radicals. Actually, after lipids undergo free radical damage, they pose a great threat to the walls of blood vessels.

2. Vitamin A

If you are a smoker or exposed frequently to smoke, it is advisable to incorporate high amounts Swiss chards into your diet , as it contains vitamin A. The vitamin A content assists in counteracting the dangerous effects of carcinogens found in smoke. Moreover, it also guards against the incidence of emphysema and lung inflammation.

3. Iron

Swiss chards are good iron sources, which is required for optimal health. This particular mineral joins together with protein in order to produce hemoglobin in the body. Swiss chards therefore contribute to helping the body create energy and also maintaining healthy immune function.

4. Calcium blocker

Like a calcium blocker, Swiss chards contain magnesium that prevents calcium from entering nerve cells, thereby inhibiting nerve activation also. This keeps all the nerves in a relaxed state. The over-activation of nerve cells results in excessive contractions, which leads to health complications like fatigue, hypertension, migraines, muscle spasms, soreness and muscle cramps.

Because of the high amounts of oxalates in Swiss chards, people with untreated gall bladder problems ought to steer away from their consumption. These oxalates can crystallize in the body, resulting in health problems.

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