Benefits of BPL

BPL stands for Below Poverty Line and this refers to a benchmark in India for classifying people are literally very poor. In terms of economic status, people who fall under the BPL category are those that cannot afford basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. Different states across India set different parameters in classifying people … Read more

Benefits of industrialization

Industrialization is the process of transformation for a given society from manual means to a more mechanized option. In terms of getting food, industrialization involves the shift from standard agricultural-based activities to more technology-based processes like mechanization or the manufacture of goods. Industrialization also involves replacing some human services with machines that are aimed at … Read more

5 Benefits of RPO Services You Didn’t Know About

5 Benefits of RPO Services You Didn’t Know About In this era of outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is yet another feather in the cap. In this form of business process outsourcing, the entire gamut of activities related to recruiting is outsourced by an employer to a third party service provider. The erstwhile system of providing … Read more

Benefits of absorption costing

Benefits of absorption costing Absorption costing refers to an accounting cost method wherein all the expenses incurred in the manufacture of a certain product is taken into consideration on a per-unit basis. The costing of all manufactured products will be based on the number of actual units manufactured rather than on a lump-sum or fixed … Read more

Benefits of Coal Energy

Coal has been exploited for a very long time to provide basic energy. There are many benefits associated with using this kind of energy. Coal is easy to store and transport, highly versatile and also a cheap energy source. The energy quality that coal produces is also more superior and reliable to other energy sources. … Read more

Benefits Of Fixed Exchange Rate

Benefits of Fixed Exchange Rate Fixed exchange rate is a system where a nation’s government announces what its main currency is going to be worth and it also sets ups all guidelines of exchange. There are lots of gains from a fixed exchange system mainly because the government is in charge of regulating the performance … Read more

Benefits Of Quotas

Benefits of Quotas A quota is described as a kind of trade restriction imposed to limit the movement of a certain amount of goods imported in a particular period of time. Just like other trading barriers, quotas benefits producers in that country and restrict consumer’s choice. Although critics say that quotas typically lead to bribes … Read more

Benefits Of Tariffs

Benefits of Tariffs Tariffs provide an array of benefits, especially to domestic producers in terms of reduced competition locally. A reduction in competition on the local market in turn causes price fluctuations, which increases job opportunities creating employment for local residents. Tariffs also help government profit which boosts the economy as a whole. This article … Read more

Benefits Of Global Expansion

Benefits of Global Expansion Expanding globally gives your company an opportunity to move to greater heights with regards to profitability. Companies or businesses that operate on a global scale can expand their market by offering their products to international consumers. Moreover, global expansion is a great way of leveraging expertise in overseas production processes. This … Read more

Benefits Of Mixed Economies

Benefits of Mixed Economies Mixed economies are essentially economies that include a mixture of public and private control, reflecting features of both socialism and capitalism. These types of economies are described like market economies that have strong supervisory oversight. Further below are some key benefits of mixed economies. 1. Allow intervention Mixed economies are based … Read more

Benefits Of Imports

Benefits of Imports Students taking economic courses have a rather negative view towards exporting and many assume that importing impedes economic performance, but this is just a misconception. Access to cheaper imported goods is one of the primary benefit a country gains from importing, which in turn boosts its economy. In addition to that, low … Read more

Benefits Of Free Trade Agreement

Benefits of Free Trade Agreement A free trade agreement is a treaty between various nations for the establishment of an area of free trade where trade in services and goods can be easily done across common borders, without hindrances or tariffs. Once a country signs a free trade agreement, it opens itself to various benefits. … Read more

Benefits Of Issuing Bonds

Benefits of Issuing Bonds Bonds are similar to bank loans in that they are a kind of debt financing for companies. Different from bank debts, bonds are basically marketable securities since they can be traded. Corporations sell their bonds to retail and institutional investors and get various advantages. Most of the benefits of issuing bonds … Read more

Benefits Of Issuing Bonds

Benefits of Issuing Bonds Bonds are similar to bank loans in that they are a kind of debt financing for companies. Different from bank debts, bonds are basically marketable securities since they can be traded. Corporations sell their bonds to retail and institutional investors and get various advantages. Most of the benefits of issuing bonds … Read more

Benefits Of FDI to Home Country

Benefits of FDI to Home Country FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is defined like a firm that invests in establishing and building new branches in several other nations. This kind of international investment benefits both the organization and also the countries where the investment is made. For instance, investing in an underdeveloped country offers income … Read more

Benefits Of Inflation

Benefits of Inflation Inflation is the economic term used for describing the growing price of services and goods. Rapid demand and also government monetary or financial policies are the most common causes of inflation. Inflation has various benefits for businesses and investors. Here are some benefits of inflation. 1. Reduces debt values High inflation can … Read more

Benefits Of Decentralization

Benefits of Decentralization A democratic government has an obligation to educate its people the basic elements of democracy. Sadly, our political parties are not up to the task at hand and hence citizens are setting up a democratic campaign with the aim of abolishing this retrogressive philosophy to facilitate the adoption of a new system … Read more

Benefits Of International Trade

Benefits of International Trade International trade refers to the exchange of capital, services and goods among different countries with little interference. Trading internationally accounts for a major portion of a nation’s GDP. In fact, the main reason why a nation would opt to trade internationally is to boost their GDP. The following are other benefits … Read more

Benefits Of NAFTA for Canada

Benefits of NAFTA for Canada NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement existing between three countries, including United States, Canada and Mexico. This agreement has created a significant connection between the involved nations, which has resulted in other advantages. The following article discusses the benefits of NAFTA for Canada. 1. Generates jobs In all … Read more

Benefits Of Economic Development

Benefits of Economic Development Economic development refers to the enhancement in GDP and several other factors such as the improvement in average earnings of the people in a nation. Whenever a country’s GDP increases, it means that economic development has occurred, which is very beneficial to that country and its people. Further below are benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Economic Globalization

Benefits of Economic Globalization Economic globalization refers to disseminating technologies, notions and practices across the world. This has led to de-localization as well as the rise of multinational corporations. Economic globalization offers numerous benefits as illustrated below. 1. Increased liquidity Economic globalization encourages free trade, which usually involves an increase in cash flow. An increase … Read more

Benefits Of Obama’s Health Care Plan

Benefits of Obama’s Health Care Plan Better health care is the main issue for American citizens and the President has proposed aggressive health insurance plans to provide affordable medical coverage to all. Although this will be disadvantageous to insurance companies, the health care reform has many benefits. 1. Expanded medical coverage The government would create … Read more

Benefits Of Unemployment?

What Are the Benefits of Unemployment? To an individual employee, unemployment is basically a tragedy that should be rectified by the government. However, to an economist, unemployment is an essential necessity. In fact, a certain unemployment rate is vital for maintaining a good economy. The following article discusses the advantages of unemployment. 1. Reallocation of … Read more

Benefits Of Isolationism

Benefits of Isolationism Isolationism refers to nonparticipation in any alliances, economic commitments or foreign trade, to avoid diplomacy entanglements with foreign countries. The United States remained isolated during the 19th century, an unusual accomplishment in history. 1. Promotes development within boundaries The USA government would have saved a large sum of money by not taking … Read more

Benefits Of Economic growth

Benefits Of Economic growth Economic growth is a phrase used to indicate the increase in per capita GDP (gross domestic product). Many other factors like increase in aggregate income of the individuals of a nation also reflect economic growth. Economic growth is usually calculated as the rate with which GDP changes in a particular period. … Read more

Benefits Of Economic integration

Benefits Of Economic integration Economic integration can be defined as a kind of arrangement where countries get in agreement to coordinate and manage their fiscal, trade, and monetary policies in order to be mutually benefitted by them. There are many degrees of economic integration, but the most preferred and popular one is free trade. In … Read more

Benefits of Globalization

The True Benefits of Globalization When people hear the world “globalization”, the first things that come to mind are low wages, outsourcing, job loss, APEC, NAFTA, and CAFTA. Most people believe that if outsourcing goes bad, globalization will be bad, too. The truth is: globalization happens to be great for the country and the overall … Read more