Benefits Of Montessori

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Benefits of Montessori

The Montessori education provides a learning process which can be explored by school-children of all ages and parents as well. Basically, Montessori schools aim to enlarge the child’s interest and at the same time foster learning. The teachers are always there to offer help when needed, and also provide alternative learning techniques. The reasons why you should take your child to Montessori schools are as follows.

1. Freedom of choice in work
Since the children have the opportunity to choose their own assignments based on the modules they have taken, the children become more engaged, purposeful, and motivated in their work. The children become active in their lessons, their work and their education as a whole.

2. “Follow the Child‒
The most beautiful idea behind Montessori Education is that teachers or instructors ‘’follow the child”, meaning that teachers provide individual learning modules to every child to ensure that they learn at their own place. For that reason, children excel in their studies and even surpass state standards.

3. Use of manipulative educational materials
Montessori lessons create inviting learning materials as a central part in their curriculum. The learning materials are aesthetically pleasing, and serve as models of ideas presented in the class. Montessori is also believed to improve the child’s thinking through the use of abstract materials.

4. Cosmic curriculum
Montessori system of learning is designed to enthuse and excite the child in order to bring out their full potential. The child has the opportunity to learn different subjects centered on how wonderful the universe is.

5. Practical life
The Montessori curriculum believes that every child should be empowered through practical life activities like sewing, sweeping, conflict resolution, pouring, scooping, gardening, encourage confide, independence, competence and responsibility.

The only disadvantage of Montessori Education is that children are not given enough time to play. Also, the curriculum is believed to be rigid, hence do not allow children to reach their true potential.

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