Benefits Of All Girls School

Benefits of All Girls School Many parents are anxious about sending their children to boarding school especially the girl child. Although there are a number of advisors and teachers available to counsel and supervise students, many parents are not sure whether to take their girl to normal coeducation schools or to same sex schools. Below … Read more

Benefits Of Smart Boards in the Classroom

Benefits of Smart Boards in the Classroom Smart boards are interactive electronic whiteboards that provide teachers an extra presentation tool for the class. These smart boards can be used with computers, displaying images via digital protectors. There are numerous benefits of smart boards in the classroom as further explained below. 1. Saving documents When an … Read more

Benefits Of Montessori

Benefits of Montessori The Montessori education provides a learning process which can be explored by school-children of all ages and parents as well. Basically, Montessori schools aim to enlarge the child’s interest and at the same time foster learning. The teachers are always there to offer help when needed, and also provide alternative learning techniques. … Read more