Benefits Of Methi

Benefits of Methi

Methi is a very popular spice in India and it is also known as fenugreek. You can ingest it though incorporating it into your daily diet or by chewing its seeds. Aside from its culinary uses, methi seeds have several health benefits. The following are some key advantages of methi seeds.

1. Reduces cholesterol
Methi is a very good agent of lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. For that reason, it is a very good option for people with diabetes since it assists in lowering glucose present in urine and blood.

2. Prevents loss of hair
This natural herb boasts of very potent seeds that help treat balding, hair fall and thinning of hair. Boil the methi seeds and soak them overnight in coconut oil in order to form the hair tonic. The following morning, massage your hair with this mixture for six minutes while concentrating on balding areas. Perform this action daily over several months and you will surely see the difference. Not only is methi effective in treating baldness, but it is also beneficial in preventing dandruffs.

3. Helps digestion
Methi helps to maintain a good metabolism and prevent constipation. It is very beneficial in purifying blood and flushing out harmful toxins and bacteria. It helps to dissolve excess mucus and thus makes the digestive system clean and refreshed. Additionally, methi seeds are also beneficial in enhancing memory power.

4. Treats skin complications.
Methi seeds have proven to be a great beauty product since they assist in preventing blackheads, wrinkles, dryness, rashes and dryness of skin. You only require washing your face using water that has been boiled with methi seeds. Another option is applying it on inflamed body parts.
The key drawback of methi seeds is that it can cause stomach problems if taken in large amounts. Other side effects include excess gas and lack of concentration.

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