Benefits Of Modern Technology

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Benefits of Modern Technology

Technology has inspired drastic development in manufacturing and processing industries, as well as the health care industry. Developing countries are always seeking to find better utilities, more vehicles, and faster internet just to mention but a few. Modern technology is therefore a necessary evil needed to achieve the feats of a modernized society.

1. Improves health
With improved technology in the health care industry, health and human longevity is drastically improved. Better understanding of the human body and how it functions to come with new ways to heal it, for instance enhanced medication, nonintrusive surgical techniques, sonograms, and lasers. Not only will it help extend life span, but people will live comfortably as they can recover from diseases and wounds.

2. Better communication
Technological advancement has also revolutionized different modes of communication. After the infamous World War, mass media and telecommunication has seen positive improvement in the past few years. Cellular technology, radio, wireless internet and radio facilitate better communication bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures.

3. Knowledge
Modern technology presents new ways on how to do stuff. In focuses on encouraging discovery and direct experimentation all geared towards achieving an industrial or commercial goal. This simply shows you that technology and increased knowledge go hand in hand.

4. Resources
The use of modern technology allows the expansion of resources. For instance, tidal and wind energy now use modern expertise to harness power. Additionally, modern technology provides better ways to grow food and transport large goods – all needed in the fast growing society.

5. Accomplish tasks effectively
Technological advancements allow us to accomplish tasks with ease. Through inventive surgery and prosthetic limbs, patients can now live comfortably.

Modern technology is a necessary evil in some sense because fraudsters online access sensitive data every day. Technology, on the other hand requires large sums of capital for instance most surgical apparatus are expensive.

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