Benefits Of Dong Quai

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Benefits of Dong Quai

Dong quai, a very efficient herb, is used for treating several maladies. It is mainly used together with other medications like a cure for the problems that accompany menstruation in women. Dong quai is also useful for treating internal bleeding and the health issues linked to menopause such as hot flashes. Below are more benefits of Dong quai.

1. Great blood tonic
Dong quai is an effective blood tonic due to its remarkable mineral and vitamin content. It comprises of vitamin B12, biotin and also folic acid. Dong quai can be utilized immediately following a surgery or an injury so as to replenish RBC and enhance blood volume. In fact, it is an essential ingredient of all herbal blood-replenishing formulas.

2. Antispasmodic effects
Dong quai has strong antispasmodic effects that help to ease cramps and any other signs of PMS. Consuming this herb during and immediately after menstruation is thus highly advisable. It dilates the blood vessels so as to enhance blood flow and assists replenish blood once the period ends. Furthermore, women who have recently stopped using birth control medications also find consuming dong quai beneficial for encouraging a regular and healthy cycle.

3. Cures anemia
Dong quai has lots of cobalt that is believed to enhance hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin refers to the protein present in blood that consists of iron and transports oxygen to body cells. Regular dong quai intake not only cures anemia, but it also remedies iron deficiency as well.

4. Reduces anxiety
Dong quai helps to fight stress and lessen the harshness of anxiety and mood swings. This herb has a relaxing effect on both the body and mind. Consuming dong quai after a strenuous day helps you to feel relaxed and happier.

However, dong quai can cause skin rashes and inflammation as it enhances a person’s sensitivity to the sun. People taking this herb should therefore reduce their contact to sunlight.

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