Benefits Of Mango

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mangoBenefis Of Mango
If you never had the pleasure of sipping mango lassi or had the taste of fresh mango chutney do not forget to have it this summer. The mango fruit has been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years. Not only the foods made of mango have a delicious taste, but they are highly nutritious and healthy. Therefore mango is also known as a super fruit. The numerous benefits of mango are:

1.Helps to boost the body immunity.
Mangoes contain high quantities of beta-carotene a carotenoid that is abundantly present in carrots also. This constituent of mango is helpful in enhancing the immune system of the body and making it strong. Beta-carotene is then converted to vitamin A inside the body. Vitamin A is an antioxidant vitamin and protects the body against the many free radicals that harm the internal system. It thus help to prevent many diseases.

2.Acts as an anti aging food.
Mangoes contain high quantities of vitamins A and vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a significant role of aiding the production of collagen protein inside the body. This helps in preserving the blood vessels and body connective tissue, thus slowing down aging process of the skin.

3.Aids to maintain the brain health.
Mangoes contain rich quantities of vitamin B-6, which is important to maintain and improve the brain function. It also helps in the synthesis of the key neurotransmitters that are responsible for determining the mood and alteration of sleep patterns. Natural foods such as mangoes provide sufficient quantities of this vitamin and there is no need to get it through supplements as high doses might cause nerve damage.

4.Helps to reduce blood pressure.
Mangoes help to reduce the blood pressure. They contain minerals magnesium and potassium, which together helps to reduce blood pressure. Mangoes should be consumed in good quantities by people suffering from high blood pressure.

5.Lowers the levels of cholesterol.
Mangoes contain good quantities of pectin. This soluble dietary fiber is well known for its property of lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood. So you should eat mangoes for lowering your cholesterol levels.

6.Treat deficiency diseases like anemia.
An important health benefit of mangoes is they help in the treatment of deficiency diseases like Anemia. Mangoes contain excellent quantities of iron that is used for fighting against anemia. So, regular and sufficient intake of mangoes helps to treat anemia by increasing the blood count in the body.

So the next time you feel hungry instead of eating a high calorie snack and food rich in fats try to suffice your hunger by taking in a mango. This will not only satisfy your hunger without adding fat and calories to your body but also provide numerous nutrients that will help to make you healthy.

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