Benefits Of Swimming

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swimmingBenefits Of Swimming
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise especially during summers. Apart from providing relief from the heat of the sun swimming offers numerous benefits to the body. A few of the advantages that regular swimming offers as an exercise are:

1.Helps to tone body muscles
Swimming helps in the strengthening and toning of the muscles of the arms and legs. A regular swimming routine is the perfect way to tone the upper and lower body muscles and all other muscles of your body. Although swimming appears to be a very relaxing and easy workout it requires complete use of many body muscles.

2.Perfect for people with little mobility.

Due to different health problems and bodily limitations, many some people fail to engage themselves in high-impact exercises. Swimming provides the ideal exercise routine for people of all ages including the aged, pregnant women, those with back problems and individuals with limited mobility. Swimming is a low-impact workout that works effectively to ease stiff muscles of people suffering from arthritis.

3.Helps to control high blood pressure.
People suffering from high blood pressure have a great risk of stroke, heart attacks and diabetes. Swimming helps to gradually control and decrease blood pressure. It is therefore a preventive exercise that helps to check problems related to heart.

4.Helps in effective weight loss.
Among all the conventional forms of exercises swimming helps to burn the maximum number of calories. A regular swimming schedule of 40 minutes helps to burn about 460 calories. It keeps on burning additional calories even after you come out of the pool. Thus it is an effective workout for weight loss.

5.Helps in the treatment of psychological problems like stress.
Life puts up a lot of physical pressures and mental stresses on the individuals. These result in other psychological problems like anxiety and depression. Swimming offers a natural way to cure these psychological problems. A regular swimming routine helps the body to take in more oxygen that flows through the entire body, making it healthy.

6.Lowers the risks of Injury
Swimming is the perfect form of workout for those who are looking for an exercise that requires lower workout. Swimming helps to tone the body muscles, without causing excessive stress and pressure on the bones. People suffering with any kind of injury during a workout can perform swimming without any fear of injury.

In case you are not very friendly of being in water begin swimming for very short periods of time. As the strength of your body increases will gradually be able to handle breathing during swimming. You can eventually increase both the time and intensity of workout and get the most benefits from’ swimming.

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