Benefits Of Spirituality

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spiritualBenefits Of Spirituality
Spirituality can actually be understood as the recognition of some heavenly body and its acceptance as the ultimate power on the earth. This acceptance is beyond our own acumen and those who engage in spirituality get into a deep relationship with this heavenly power. This will then provide an exhilarating experience of joy, inspiration, peace of mind, security, and guidance. Spirituality offers a number of benefits to people who engage themselves in it. These are:

1.Having the feeling of being safe and secure
When you have developed a connection with the supreme power of the world that is God, you experience the feeling of being safe and secure. You are always assured that you are not alone in this wide universe. This assurance is there even at times when you are temporarily away from other people. You feel safer when you affirm your faith and trust that there is some source you can turn to at times of difficulty.

2.Make you have peace of mind.
The deep and permanent sense of safety and security results in the feeling of peace of mind. The more trust and reliance you build up in God, the simpler it becomes to deal with the inevitable challenges of life. One can do all this without fear and worry. You can simply learn to let go things and turn to that supreme power whenever you feel trapped in a problem and don’t know the way to proceed. This will help to reduce worry and anxiety from your life and help to develop peace of mind.

3.Helps to develop self-confidence.
Once you develop a permanent relationship with that supreme power i.e. God, you will surely realize that you are his creation. This will offer you a feeling that god found something special and good in you and that is why he created you. You are lovable, good and worthy of respect just because you’re God’s creation. This realization will improve your own opinion about yourself and will help to boost up your self confidence.

4.Helps to develop the ability to give and receive absolute love.
The most essential and deep rooted characteristic of having faith in God is that it offers you the ability to offer and receive unconditional love. This kind of love entails an absolute caring attitude for the welfare of others without the placement of any preconditions.

5.Provide you desired guidance at the time of need.
Developing a deep relationship with God helps you to receive the desired guidance whenever you are in need of it. This will help you to make better decisions and solve problems in a better manner.

It has been an experienced fact that people who engage in spirituality have better health, suffer less form problems like less stress, less hypertension, less depression even at difficult times, have more positive feelings and a general better psychological being

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