Benefits Of Yoga Inversions

Benefits of Yoga Inversions Yoga inversions are very effective as they help you view your surroundings from a new perspective. Since they require you to perform a number of yoga poses while upside down, you can put more focus into the exercise. These types of exercises create a physical and spiritual revelation that will improve … Read more

Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Benefits of Bitter Kola Bitter kola or garcinia cola is kind of kola present in Nigeria. Similar to kola nuts, bitter kola is consumed widely for several benefits. It has medicinal effects and also some spiritual advantages associated with it. Further below are benefits of using bitter kola. 1. Antibiotic properties Bitter kola is popularly … Read more

Benefits Of Spirituality

Benefits Of Spirituality Spirituality can actually be understood as the recognition of some heavenly body and its acceptance as the ultimate power on the earth. This acceptance is beyond our own acumen and those who engage in spirituality get into a deep relationship with this heavenly power. This will then provide an exhilarating experience of … Read more