Benefits Of Vitamin C

orangesBenefits Of Vitamin C
Vitamin C in scientific terminology is known as Ascorbic acid and is vital for the body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and helps in protecting body cells from damage. The amazing antioxidant nature of Vitamin C works for protection of DNA from being damaged by various harmful substances. It is abundantly found in all citrus fruits and the multitude benefits offered by it make the consumption of this vitamin essential for the body.

1.Prevents the oxidation of cholesterol.
Free radicals are formed in the body as a result of various metabolic reactions. These free radicals oxidize cholesterol and form plaque. The plaque formed thickens the arterial walls and hampers the free flow of the blood. Vitamin C checks the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of plaque. Vitamin C removes the damaging free radicals from the body and protects it from heart diseases like strokes.

2.Helps in relieving asthma.
Antioxidant vitamin C helps in keeping the lungs and other parts of respiratory tract clean and clear. It thus, helps in relieving problems like asthma. Vitamin C reduces the production of histamine in the body. Therefore it acts as a natural antihistamine and reduces the allergic symptoms in the body. Vitamin C, also aids in reducing the inflammation blocking the respiratory system, thus easing out the breathing process.

3.Regulates the levels of blood sugar.
In patients of diabetes glucose molecules fasten themselves to the blood cells and cause problems like slow wound healing and poor blood circulation. Vitamin C helps in the war against diabetes by reducing the levels of glycosylated hemoglobin. Once the levels are reduced the glucose molecules are unable to attach themselves to blood cells. This vitamin is very helpful in fighting various complications related to diabetes.

4.Prevention and cure of Parkinson’s disease.
The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C make it useful prevention and cure of Parkinson’s disease. Studies have revealed that vitamin C protects the nerve cells from being damaged by free radicals, thus preventing the body from Parkinson’s disease.

5.Improves vision.
Vitamin C repairs the damage caused by the free radicals and ultraviolet rays to the eye lens. It thus prevents the eyes from disorders like cataract and Macular degeneration.

6.Rejuvenates the skin.
Vitamin C is a remarkable producer of collagen protein. Collagen helps in keeping the skin elastic. Oral intake of vitamin C reduces the wrinkles on the skin making it look and feel young.

Vitamin C is found abundantly in all citrus fruits. Consumption of this vitamin helps to naturally boost up the immune system of the body and protect it from various common problems like cold and cough. So eat a lot of fruits and keep yourself healthy and your skin shining

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  1. This is very nice source of information and could add up my references about this vitamin. As far as I’m concern, Vitamin c is the best vitamin supplements that could greatly help our body to get rid and prevent harmful infections, viruses and bacteria away that will us sick and vulnerable to some diseases. Thanks for this wonderful info you shared on us.

  2. Vitamin C is the only soluble vitamin which passes through the body, which is why we need to consume higher quantities of this vitamin than others. A time release formula such as Boots own brand is ideal, providing it when it is needed by the body. If you feel a cold coming on take 1000mg of vitamin c for two or three days supplemented with an echinacea tablet each day. Vitamin C can also help with skin brightening and tone and is found in many face products including the Body Shop Vitamin C range. The peel off mask is especially good for radiance. Try adding one crushed vitamin c tablet to a tablespoon of natural yoghurt and apply to cleansed face for ten min. This is a wonderful brightener and skin conditioner.


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