Benefits Of Lube

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Benefits of Lube

Lubes are personal lubricants that reduce problems like drying during sexual intercourse. Regardless of whether you decide to use massage oils, sex toys, sexy lingerie, adult novels or fetish gear, lubricants definitely come in handy to help spice your sex life.

1. Prolongs love making sessions

Lubricants help prolong masturbation sessions, but it is important to take into consideration whether the lube will increase sexual pleasure during intercourse. Moreover, make sure you do thorough research to find the right type of lube.

2. Reduces friction

Basically, sex lubricants help to alleviate friction during sexual intercourse. Friction may cause unusual dryness in the anus, vagina and any other body part during intercourse or masturbation. Depending on your preference, there are many different types of lubricants you can use.

3. Provides extra glide with sex toys

Silicone-based lubes offer the much needed glide when using sex toys. Also, sexual lubricants cause a tingling or warming sensation, which help increase sexual pleasure. These lubes are extremely beneficial to women who are not able to produce natural lubrication during intercourse.

4. Better foreplay

Sex lubes are great as they help improve sensation during foreplay. If you are planning to use a collection of sex toys, lubricants are essential since they provide extra sensation during anal play. Specifically, lubricants provide a tingling sensation during foreplay, prolonging sexual intercourse.

5. Improved sexual life

With sexual lubricants you will experience added benefits, as they prevent vaginal dryness caused by several different things, such as menopause, stress or side effects of medication. To ensure you have a satisfying sex-life, make sure you use women lube for maximum sexual pleasure.

6. Builds strong relationship

Basically, better sex-life help improve your relationship as it ensure both partners are comfortable sexually.

Silicon-based lubes are more costly compared to water based lubricants. Also, they are not easily removed from the skin.

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