Benefits Of Infant Massage

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Benefits of Infant Massage

Having a new baby is definitely the time for major adjustment. As a mother, you will strive to ensure that you provide a safe environment for your child. However, it is likely you will not be able to get everything right according to plan, but infant massage is the best thing you can do and get amazing results. It is a gentle therapy to help enhance the health of your baby. There are many benefits of infant massage and are follows.

1. Helps the baby sleep soundly

Babies normally have difficulty sleeping soundly through the night. Therefore, sleeping massage can help calm the baby and help him or her sleep soundly without difficulty.

2. Minimize stress

Although you may not be aware, babies often experience stress since everything is new to them. They have difficulty communicating their needs and may sometimes feel quite stressed and frustrated. Massage help reduce the levels of cortisol, stress hormone present in the body.

3. Enhance circulation

Infant massage pushes bodily fluids therefore increasing proper circulation of nymph and blood. It also helps nourish and maintain health of the cells to aid in transport of oxygen and other food substances through the body.

4. Boost immune system.

Since the baby’s immune system develops at a slow pace, massage helps improve the immune system and production of antibodies which help avert common illnesses such as flu and colds.

4. Normalize production of hormones

The stimulation of nerves, muscles and skin help the baby produce hormones required for growth. Infant massage is particularly essential to help underweight newborn babies develop growth hormones necessary to gain weight.

5. Strengthen bond between parents and infants

Infant massage help strengthen the bond between parents and infants. The hormone, oxytocin released increases the connection felt between you and the baby.

The main disadvantage is that oils used for massage may have allergens which may harm the child. The quality of massage oils varies due to storage and harvest and there is instability when it becomes rancid.

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