Benefits Of Ipv6

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Benefits of Ipv6

Currently, there is scarcity of IP addresses all across the globe. The version of internet protocol being used presently relies on distinctive addresses for all the devices that connect to a specific network. On the other hand, public IP addresses which connect devices to one another over the entire global network are now becoming scarce. As more devices join the online community ipv4 will eventually not be able to accommodate the communication needs in the future. However, here are the benefits of integration of the ipv6 network.

1. Better security

The significant improvement between ipv4 and ipv6 is the security into the protocol. Since IPSEC is developed into the ipv6 protocol, it has been proven for securing IP addresses by authenticating or encrypting all the packets, and is the most integral feature of ipv6. On the other hand, ipv6 is usable with suitable key structure as compared to the ipv4.

2. Improve production efficiency

Networks and computers substantially boosted productivity because managers could easily obtain access to sales data. Ipv6 provides real time information and greater inventory control, which allows proper production planning in companies in order to meet customer demand efficiently.

3. Efficiently integrates global markets

Linking market information offers better production capacity which is effective as production is geared towards being responsive to developing trends in the market. On the other hand, ipv6 allow improved incorporation with global markets. This in turn helps to overcome challenges that face the remote parts of the world.

4. Easier network management

Ipv6 networks offer configuration capabilities and are flatter, manageable, and simpler, especially for larger installations. In addition, ipv6 can also route and co-exist over networks which are still using ipv4 system.

5. Integrated mobility and interoperability

Ipv6 network also offers mobility and interoperability capacity which are embedded in several network services all across the globe. However, such cost come at an increased processing overhead cost and complexity.

Although ipv6 network has many advantages as compared to the ipv4 system, it has few shortcomings as well. For starters, it has increased complexity especially when it comes to integrating several networks in different parts of the world.

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