Benefits Of Love

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Benefits of Love

Love is certainly a good feeling. Everyone falls in love one way or the other even for those who make the effort to dodge its trap. But physical attributes of love and its benefits might surprise you. Recent studies have shown that married couples tend to be spiritual and healthy as compared to those who opt to remain single. Love is proven to improve your health physically, spiritually, socially and mentally too. There are several benefits of love and are as follows.

1. Reduce stress
According to recent studies, love is considered to be effective with regards to minimizing stress levels. When couples share an intimate relationship, the body releases a hormone known as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that acts as a stress reliever. A romantic relationship reduces negative energy, produces a feeling of well -being and relieves tension.

2. Improves mental health
The relaxing effect of DHEA over body and mind raises the development of nerves. It also helps improve function of the nerves which improves memory recall.

3. Reduces pain
Recent studies indicate that love activates a part of the brain responsible for pain relief. A study of 100, 000 adults established that married couples were less vulnerable to back pain and headaches. Minimizing stress levels is also beneficial with regards to pain relief, especially if you suffer form disorders like chronic headaches.

4. Anti -cancer effect
Couples have lower rates of cancer and other diseases as compared to those who remain single. A study conducted at University of Iowa indicates that women who had ovarian cancer and were in satisfying relationships develop more blood cells which help in destroying cancerous cells.

5. Reduces risk of heart ailments.
Expressing your feelings to your partner can minimize cholesterol levels. As a result, lower cholesterol levels means there are reduced chances of heart diseases and other cardiovascular ailments.
The only drawback of falling in love is that when you have deep feelings for someone and for some unexpected reason you decide to separate, then there is generally a feeling of disappointment and it may take you some time to recover emotionally.

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